Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Live Chat with Eve Muirhead

Fans of Eve Muirhead, above, should note there a live web chat (here) with her at 1.30 pm local time, which by my calculation is 8.30 pm here tonight (Wednesday), from Grande Prairie, Alberta, where she is competing with Kelly Wood, Lorna Vevers and Annie Laird in the GP Car and Home Players' Championship.

The organisers have been asking for questions in advance of the Live Chat.

Added later:

Now, this WAS interesting, and really enjoyable. First time I have ever tried to watch one of these live chats live. It was a bit stuttery at the beginning (I don't have the best broadband connection in the world being some miles from the exchange) but it ran smoothly for most of the twenty minutes or so.

The interviewer was George Karrys, Editor of The Curling News, and he has a relaxed informal style. Eve was just herself, and a delight to listen to, answering questions honestly, candidly and humorously! We learned, for example, that she knows thousands of bagpipe tunes, likes Coors Light beer, supports St Johnstone, and (important news this) will be playing with Anna Sloan next season. And she and Anna are still talking about who will be the front end!

Here's the link for further Live Chats from Canada, and to watch a recording of Eve being questioned by George.

Photo of Eve is © Skip Cottage and is from the WJCC2011 final game.