Friday, April 01, 2011

Junior International at Dumfries

The Dumfries International Junior Competition got underway today in the Ice Bowl's dedicated six-sheet rink. Thirty-two teams are taking part in sections of four.

These men in black are from Poland.

Here they are, L-R: Mateusz Jadczyk (skip), Mateusz Syczewski, Pawel Wlodarczyk and Marcin Klos.

Naomi Whyte's team were the Polish boys first opposition today. I think this has to be a caption competition!

Scotland's Lauren Baxter is in concentration mode in her game against Andrew Callender.

Norway's Markus Skogvold.

Markus and his Norwegian team were against Team Lammie from Stranraer, skipped by Scott Wilson, above.

This young team is from Gothenberg, Sweden. The team is skipped by Greta Aurell, who plays lead. Almida deVal, plays fourth, with Camilla Schnabel (3rd) and Felicia Johansson (2nd). Tilde Vermelin is here as alternate. Group pic to come.

Gina Aitken and Angus Dowell are the skips in this pic. But who are 'Team Fluff'?

Here they are. Mairi Girvan, Katy Richardson, Vicky Wright. Why Team Fluff? Don't ask.

Umpire Stuart Robertson was keeping an eye on proceedings and performing the odd measure when required.

This Swiss - Scottish team are competing together in the cause of promoting international understanding and friendship. L-R Roger Gulka, Tasha Aitken, Valentin Tanner and Mhairi Anderson. You may remember these Swiss lads - the front end of the World Junior Silver Medal winning team at Perth last month.

Here's Roger in charge of the head.

Nikolai Maegaard, Michael Hormark, Daniel Poulsen and Mads Norgaard are from Denmark.

Mads was up against young Ross Finlay from Dumfries this morning.

Another young Dumfries star, Ross Whyte, was against another Swedish junior ladies team today.

Here they are. L-R: Jessica Pengel (lead and skip), Sara Larsson (2nd), Lisa Burestad (3rd), Sarah Pengel (fourth), from Stockholm.

Scotland's Daryl Russell and Jaap van Dorp from Holland.

Fiona Munro and Derrick Sloan in action (!) from the Bruce Mouat team.

More photos from Dumfries tomorrow hopefully.

Photos © Skip Cottage