Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fiona update

A number of friends and blogallies have been asking if I had news of how Fiona de Vries is getting on after her accident.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports that she is now recovering from her surgery to pin her broken bones. According to sources in Saint Paul the operation was successful and she will need to stay in hospital for about ten days.

Her husband is making arrangements to come out and stay with her as the teams fly home tomorrow. The members of the US ladies' team are going to make sure Fiona is not lonely and are setting up a rota for visiting the hospital and apparently have offered accommodation for her husband when he arrives. Thank you USA!

Thanks to you too Leslie for the information. All back here in Scotland who know Fiona and the Scottish team will wish her a speedy recovery.

In happier times, here is a photo of Fiona, on the left, ready to sweep with Maggie Scott in the final of the Scottish Senior Championship at the Lanarkshire Ice Rink. Photo © Skip Cottage.