Wednesday, April 20, 2011

World Seniors: Report 6

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Saint Paul:

"Linda Young,
Maggie Scott, Hazel Swankie and Fiona de Vries were well beaten by Canada's Christine Jurgenson in the Scots' seventh round robin game here in St Paul, Minnesota. The game opened with Canada taking a one with the hammer at the first end and stealing a two in the second. But then Young gifted a further one in the third by pushing through the shot stone when attempting the draw for two. A steal of another one in the fourth saw Canada with a 5-0 lead.

Young made her draw for a single in the fifth but lost a further three shots in six and seven and it was all over.

The Scots are not yet out of these Championships. Canada still top the league on 7-0, followed by Switzerland 5-1 and USA 5-2, with Scotland and Sweden on 4-3. It is going to be tight for the semifinal spots. The Scots have the USA, Ireland and Russia to play, in that order."

The official website is here.

Photo of Maggie Scott is courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.