Wednesday, April 06, 2011

More from Perth

The teams in the U-17 at Perth played three six-end games today. In section A, the James Carswell team from Greenacres won all three, and go High Road tomorrow. The Luke Carson team qualified for the Low Road, only on shots up over Jodie Milroy and by one end over David Baird.

Team Joiner were top of Section B, with Scott Wilson coming through in second place.

Gregor Cannon's team are in the High Road, by one end over the Bruce Mouat team.

Katie Murray's team finished top in Section D by a couple of ends over Grant Barr.

All the results and standings are here.

Here are a few more photos from today:

Louise Young and Shaun Rennie are in the pic above.

Shaun is joining in the sweeping with Christopher McKay and Rachel Ireland. Andrew Maitland is in the head.

This is Grant Barr's Kinross team in action. That's Grant in the middle of the bunch flanked by Finlay Campbell and Ryan Peters. Alison Wood is in the head.

Scott Wilson

Now, I rather like fruit pastilles so I was rather relieved to see them accidentally spilt on the carpet rather than on the ice. Needless to say they tasted just as good after a roll around the Perth carpet!

This is Calum Lammie, in the head for his skip Scott Wilson, in their game against the Karina Aitken team, which had Naomi Brown skipping.

Here's Naomi.

Karina Aitken and Sophie Sinclair look after a Sarah Morris stone.

This looks like Angus Dowell, Thomas Halder and Bruce Mouat all sweeping towards this 'interesting' house in their game against Gregor Cannon this afternoon.

Gregor Bousie

Gregor and third player Callum McFarlane are in the head behind Craig Joiner. David Kettles and Drew Thomson are the others in the Bousie team.

Let me know if I've got any names wrong. And if your photo hasn't been on the blog today, let's hope I'll be able to get you next season!

Photos © Skip Cottage