Thursday, April 21, 2011

World Mixed Doubles: Report 5

Leslie Ingram Brown reports that Scotland's campaign in the World Mixed Doubles Championship in Saint Paul is over. Paul Stevenson and Louise Soutar lost to Spain's Irantzu Garcia and Sergio Vez 7-6 in the White Section and have no chance of qualifying even with a game to go against Austria.

France defeated Austria 9-8 and have qualified from the White Section on six wins and one loss. China, USA and the Czech Republic are all playing for the next two places.

In the Blue Section, Switzrland have qualified and the remaining two qualifiers will come from Denmark, Russia, Canada and Slovakia.

In the Red Section, Sweden and Japan have qualified with Hungary and Finland fighting it out for the third place.

The official website is here.

Photo of Louise Soutar is courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.