Thursday, April 21, 2011

Accident to Fiona de Vries at World Seniors

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports on a most unfortunate accident to Scotland's Fiona de Vries on the ice at the World Seniors in Saint Paul:

"Marie O'Kane was skipping her Irish Women to a 3-0 lead over Scotland's Linda Young into the fourth end when Scottish lead Fiona de Vries tripped at the edge of the sheet breaking her ankle.

Sweden's skip Ingrid Meldahl is a trained surgeon and Marie is a nurse and they tended to Fiona until the ambulance arrived to take her to hospital. The games between Sweden and Japan and Scotland and Ireland were temporarily suspended.

In what can only be seen as extraordinary sportsmanship Ireland conceded the game to Scotlland. This was ratified by WCF Competitions' Director Keith Wendorf.

I can only say that the Irish are the real winners on all counts. The true Spirit of Curling is alive. On behalf of Scottish Curling I would personally record our thanks to all the players who temporarily suspended play until they were sure Fiona was getting proper attention and especially to Ingrid for her care and attention. The Scottish team acknoweldged this with a presentation of flowers in the restaurant after the game."

Thanks for this, Leslie. I can only echo your sentiments, and I am sure that all reading this will want to send their best wishes too to Fiona.

That's Fiona third from th
e right in the Scottish squad photo above. The most up to date news on Fiona is that she has broken three bones. An operation is to take place Thursday evening.

Photo courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown