Thursday, April 07, 2011

WMCC2011: Scotland v Denmark and Norway

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Regina:

"Scotland beat Denmark yesterday afternoon 7-3 in nine ends and faced Norway last night at the Ford Men's Curling Championship in Regina. This was always going to be a tense match with both teams fighting for different positions.

Tom Brewster, Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow knew that a win would secure them qualification - ranked second and a place in the Page 1 v 2 against Canada, whilst for Norway a loss would mean probably non qualification for the play-offs.

In the first end Brewster was short with his draw for two shots and in the second, with a similar shot, Thomas Ulsrud placed his draw on the tee.

In the third Brewster's team counted three shots on a hit and lie by the skip. Norway blanked the fourth, but in the fifth the Scots were to give up three shots as Brewster hit and went with his second leaving Ulsrud the open draw. Halfway and the score was 5-4 in Norway's favour.

In the sixth, once again Brewster came up short with his final draw and Norway made the only steal of the game. Seventh and eighth were blanked and with the Scots lying, the Ulrud's last stone for two is light. So it's 6-5 Norway and they have the hammer in the last end.

In the tenth, Scotland lay two shots and game. But Ulsrud played the draw to the four foot for the win he needed."

Scotland is still ranked second, France third, and four teams, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, are one point further adrift. The Scots have France and the USA still to play.

RESULTS Draw 14: China 5 USA 4, Norway 7 Scotland 5, Germany 7 Switzerland 4, Czech Republic 6 Sweden 5 (Extra-end)

Standings after 14 Draws: 9/0 - Canada (Q/R1); 7/2 Scotland; 6/3 - France; 5/4 - Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland; 4/5 - China; 3/6 - Czech Republic, USA; 2/7 - Korea; 0/9 - Denmark.

The event website is here, for photos and links to the Eyeopener Daily News. Mike Haggerty's reports are here.

Top photo is of the team in action against Denmark. Courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.