Tuesday, April 19, 2011

World Mixed Doubles: Report 2

In Saint Paul, Minnesota, Paul Stevenson and Louise Soutar won their second Mixed Doubles match 8-7 over the USA. Only the Czech Republic is also undefeated in Scotland's section.

I've also been following the fortunes of John Sharp and Jane Clark of England. They had a good win over Italy but have since lost to Slovakia and Canada (after being 6-0 up). The Canadians, who don't have a Mixed Doubles Championship preferring to send two of their Mixed Champion team, lost to Switzerland yesterday.

The standings can be found on the official website here. I have to say that the official website fails me miserably. The 'ticker bar' is - in my opinion - some IT nerd's bad dream on how to make the simple unnecessarily complicated. Why is it necessary to reinvent the wheel at every big event? All we want as curling supporters is a straightforward way of accessing linescores. These are not displayed online on the official website although you can download pdf files. I am pleased to say that the WCF site, with the mirrored results, displays the linescores in the usual way, see here.

Daily summaries, and players' quotes, can also be found on the WCF website, for example see here.

Team England in action in Saint Paul, courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.