Thursday, April 07, 2011

Perth Presentations

The Dewar's Centre at Perth has not had its troubles to seek this season, with electrical malfunctions and leaks in a pipe under the pad during the Masters. As you know though the World Juniors were a great success. But today there was another electrical problem which saw the electrician struggling to find the cause. Fortunately it did not affect the ice arena although we all watched the semifinals and final of the Under-17 in the gloom of the lounge (above)! We were all fed and watered though.

What was on the ice was great stuff. Katie Murray, Sophie Jackson, Gayle Allan and Kirsty Morton came through their semi against Gregor Cannon's team, to meet James Carswell, George McConnell, Ben Bremner and Peter Dagen in the main final.

The game turned in the fourth end. That began with the Murray rink lying well, but one jammed takeout saw positions reversed and the girls were in trouble, especially when James put his last two draws in perfect position. Katie faced three stones with her last, was just a fraction heavy. The Greenacres team stole three to go 5-1 up.

Today's games were eight ends, compared with the six yesterday. There was time for Katie's team to fight back and they did. Indeed, one down in the eighth they lay game when James went to play his last. Carswell's team were up for the challenge and James dropped it into the eight foot for the win.

Stuart Taylor's team of Craig Joiner, Euan MacDiarmid and Ewan Maguire beat Gregor Cannon, Bobby Lammie, Connor Ballantyne and Mark Munro at the last stone for third place, and this was a great game too.

Bruce Mouat had to play his last stone perfectly to win the Low Road final against Scott Wilson. Bruce's team was Calum Greenwood, Angus Dowell and Thomas Halder. Scott was skipping Calum Lammie, Neil Topping and Euan Kyle.

Grant Barr's team of Alison Wood, Ryan Peters and Finlay Campbell won over Scott Gibson, Luke Carson, George Ballantyne and Jay Wilson in the Low Road third/fourth decider.

All the linescores can be found here.

Here are the presentation pics:

The event trophy is in memory of former manager of the Dewar's Centre, Danny Fitzsimons. His widow Sue always comes to watch the final and present the trophy. Here she is with (L-R) George McConnell (3rd), Ben Bremner (2nd), Peter Dagen (lead) and James Carswell.

Here are the runners-up with Claire Milne, the event organiser. L-R: Gayle Allan (2nd), Sophie Jackson (3rd), Katie Murray (skip) and Kirsty Morton (lead).

Here are the Low Road finalists with Sue Fitzsimons. Back L-R: Calum Greenwood, Angus Dowell, Bruce Mouat (skip), Thomas Halder. Front L-R: Scott Wilson (skip), Calum Lammie, Neil Topping and Euan Kyle.

Pics © Skip Cottage