Monday, April 11, 2011

Kinross Curling School's Birthday

The Kinross Curling School celebrated its tenth birthday with a charity fun day yesterday. I talked about the origins of the group here. Here's Ena Stevenson with two founder members, Shane Johnston and Hamish, the school mascot.

A team of 'curling celebrities' were on hand, (L-R) Michelle Silvera, Sheila Swan, Rhona Martin and Debbie Knox. All have gold medals. Bonus points if you can remember in which competitions and in what years they were won!

In was a great family day out. Here's an example of three generations on the ice. That's Lynne Stevenson with son Jamie, and granddaughters Lauryn and Shannon.

Note what Jamie has in his hand!

Yes, they are golf balls. Each sheet at the rink had a fun activity. For a donation, you could see if you could get your balls nearest to the stone sitting on the tee. This was difficult!

On another sheet, you had to play two stones with the cue, one with either hand. This is Sheila Swan. I picked up some tips from Sheila, and managed this one OK!

Then there was a simple draw to the tee. Two stones, one delivered with the left hand, the other with the right! Rhona demonstrates.

The fourth sheet had been left unpebbled. That was difficult. Indoor stones don't run well on perfectly flat ice! But great fun.

There was lots for the kids to do too.

Prizes were awarded for the best coloured in, and decorated stone. Here are just some examples.

There was also a silent auction, a raffle, a tombola and a 'select the winning stick' game, all designed to part you from your money in aid of two good causes - CHAS, and a local playgroup, the latter in memory of John Stewart, coach and past treasurer of the KCS who died last year.

There was a panel discussion, featuring the celebrity curlers (above), Judith McFarlane and ..... me! Fortunately no-one asked difficult questions!

Prizes won during the day were the opportunity to play one end against the 'Rhona Martin Celebrity Select'!

Here Jamie Stevenson, James Hay, Craig Barr and Jim Stevenson prepare for their end (in more ways than one)!

It was all taken very seriously!

And watched intently by the large number who came along during the afternoon.

Grant and Jamie in action, as Sheila and Michelle both wish they were as young again!

Here's the second set of winners: Stuart Brand, Shane Johnston, Leslie Wilson and Findlay Campbell.

I'm sure all will remember their opportunity to play against the celebs. Who won? Well, it didn't matter. When the end was complete the skips picked a random envelope containing instructions which decided how the end would be scored. And let's just say it wasn't the traditional way.

A splendid day, well supported, with over £600 raised for the charities. Well done to the celebrities, and to all those involved yesterday, especially Steven Kerr and his ice staff. And here's to continued success for the Kinross Curling School.

Photos © Skip Cottage