Saturday, April 23, 2011

World Seniors: Report 9

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Saint Paul:

At the World Senior Championships in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Ken Horton, Gordon Butler, Angus Storrie and Eddie Banks were, quite honestly, outclassed by Team Canada in the quarterfinal.

Canada, skipped by Mark Johnson, opened with a three, then stole a single in the second end. From there on Scotland were on the back foot and never got back into the game, losing a further two shots in the fourth to be 6-1 down at the break.

Whilst a hit and lie brought some relief in the fifth with a two, Canada blanked the sixth and counted three shots in the seventh. The game was over then.

Two sheets away, England was working hard to take Hugh Milliken's Australian team out of the game but it was Milliken's experience that was, in the end, the major differnce between the two teams. Australia were 5-3 to the good coming into the final end. Whatever Michael Sutherland's team tried, the Australians had an answer.

In the semifinals Canada
will play Australia and the USA take on Denmark.

Earlier, in the qualifying game against Germany, Ken and his team beat Germany. The Scots opened strongly and took a three in the first end. Germany was again in trouble in the second with skip Klaus Unterstab saving the day with a draw for a single. Scotland countered with a single in the third and stole a two in the fourth when Germany came up short with their draw.

Horton led 6-3 into the final end and ran their opposition out of stones in the eighth, setting up their quarterfinal match against the Canadians."

The official website for all the results and photos is here.