Wednesday, April 06, 2011

WMCC2011: Scotland v Canada

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Regina:

"Jeff Stoughton's Team Canada gently cruised past Tom Brewster, Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow, but not without a fight. Canada now sits in pole position in the rankings on seven wins with Scotland only one point behind.

In the first end Canada drew for two and stole a single in the second when Brewstwer's last stone draw came up short.

In the third end there was no mistake as Brewster drew first shot.

In the fourth end Canada counted one when the measure for second went to Scotland. The fifth end was blanked and the half time score was 4-1 to Canada. In the sixth Stoughton froze to a Scots back stone to lie shot. Brewster, looking for a pair, clipped a front stone, crossed the house and hung on just for first shot. In the seventh, Stoughton drew to the tee for a single against two shots, then in the eighth Brewster coolly drew the tee against three.

When Stoughton hit for a pair in the ninth, it was all over for the Scots, who conceded."

Brewster plays Denmark and Norway today.

The event website is here, for photos and links to the Eyeopener Daily News. Mike Haggerty's reports are here.

RESULTS Draw 11: Canada 7 Scotland 3, Germany 9 Korea 3, Sweden 9 Denmark 3, France 10 China 3.

Standings after 11 Draws: 7/0 - Canada; 6/1 - Scotland; 5/2 - France, Sweden, Switzerland; 3/4 - Germany, Norway; 2/5 - China, Czech Republic, Korea, USA; 0/7-Denmark.

Some explanation of the photo of the Scottish team is required! They are dressed in the colours of a local football team for the parade to get the sympathies of the sell out crowd. The Saskatchewan Roughriders dress in green. Earlier Team Canada entered the arena for their game with France dressed in green. First time ever according to the 'older' media hacks. Jeff Stoughton kept his top on at the beginning of the game until an official instructed him to take it off - wrong team colours. The Scots played the game against Canada in their official tops!

Photo courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.