Tuesday, April 19, 2011

World Seniors: Report 4

At the World Senior Curling Championships in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Ken Horton's Scottish quartet of Gordon Butler, Angus Storrie and Eddie Binks made it a fourth win in beating Hungary's Andras Rokusfalvy 10-1 in six ends.

Scotland opened with a four and Hungary replied with a single in the second, which was to be their only scoring end as Scotland went 1,1,2,2 for a 10-1 lead and the game.

Young, Maggie Scott, Hazel Swankie and Fiona de Vries made it three wins in a row when the Scots defeated the Czech Republic's Lenka Safrankova 7-2 in seven ends. They led most of the way when they picked up a three in the seventh it was all over. The Scots have now played five, won three and lost two.

I'm finding the WCF results and standings helpful although they may not be immediately up to date. Here for the men, and here for the women. To see a summary of the results to date, click on DRAW on the right hand side bar.

Thanks to Leslie Ingram-Brown for the information feed.