Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ice Bowl Open

The Ice Bowl, Dumfries, has its own colour scheme! The dedicated six-sheeter begins its first full season with the Ice Bowl Open, the first of the Goldline Scottish Curling Tour competitions.

Open curling is a bit of an assortment, of course, but therein lies part of the charm. Just sixteen teams are involved in this inaugural competition at Dumfries. Hopefully my photos over the weekend will give a flavour. What follows are some taken on Friday afternoon.

Graham Sloan is the organiser, and doing double duty as skip of one of the competing teams! Successful too in his first match....

... against Graham Shedden - looking much smarter yesterday than in his 'uniform' from the Stirling Summer Skins (here)!

Here is Team Shedden in action.

And here's the 'team photo'. L-R: Andrew Ballantyne, John Tait, Chay Telfer and Graham Shedden. The team is looking to compete in all the Tour competitions. I am reliably informed that their new trousers are still to arrive.

The Fife Flare team in action, aiming for the 'Best Dressed Team' award in this year's Goldline Scottish Curling Tour.

I should mention that it was Heather Morton's team that put Fife Flare into this pickle!

Let's put names to the faces. L-R: Stuart Brand, Kevin Ross, Ally Simms and David Jones.

I'm nominating this one as my 'photo of the day'! Lee McCleary's team needed a sub for their first game. Ellie Hamilton stepped up to the hack and ensured the team won their first points. L-R: Lee, Ellie, Gavin Fleming and James Stark.

Here's Ellie working hard with Gavin on Lee's stone.

And Lee's delivery.

Photos © Skip Cottage. More tomorrow.