Sunday, September 04, 2011

Brewster in Baden Final

Congratulations to both Scottish teams who made the semifinals of the Baden Masters, the first Curling Champions Tour event of the 2011-12 season. The draw matched the Scots against each other then. David Murdoch's team were beaten by Tom Brewster's side, the latter then facing Sven Michel's Swiss team in the final. The event website is here, to find the full record of results.

Tom, with Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Colin Campbell (substituting for Michael Goodfellow this weekend) went 0-3 down after three ends, not helped perhaps by a pick which cost them the deuce at the second. Their Swiss opposition was on top form and although the Scots pegged the score back to 4-3 in the seventh, it was Michel's team which was to finish on top.

I managed to catch some of the webcasts from the competition on over the three days, and enjoyed the quality of the output and the banter of the commentators, headed up by Brian Gray. That's a screenshot below. Well done to all involved in the production from Baden. I don't get a chance to be an armchair viewer too often, and I was impressed.