Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lockerbie U17s Saturday

Twenty-four U17 teams were at Lockerbie today competing in the second of the five 'slams', the first being at Perth at the end of last season. It was really great to see so many young teams - apparently thirty-two are registered to play the slam competitions - a positive sign of the interest in our sport. Certainly the Lockerbie rink was buzzing today. The teams play in sections of four, three six-end games, and the top two qualify. The top team in each section plays in the knockout stages of the High Road. The second placed teams in each section qualify for the knockout stages of the Low Road.

The results and standings are all here.

Here are a few of the teams and some action shots from today. More hopefully tomorrow!

Ayr's Janine Philips and Shaun Rennie. Andrew Maitland and Rachel Ireland are the other members of this team.

Rachel Hannen, on the left, with her team of Rachael Halliday, Lauren McIntyre and Alison Fyfe.

Team from Greenacres. L-R: Ian Gibb, Ross McIntyre, Rachael McInally and Amanda Marrs.

Rachael and Amanda get encouragement from Ross!

Amanda in the head against .... (need a name!) (Thanks to those who helped. It is Chalmers Porteous from Dumfries.)

Good to see a Kelso team in the mix! L-R: Cameron Bryce, Neil Sutherland, Callum Potts and Amy Bryce.

Amy and Callum work on Cameron's stone.

Stirling's Alastair Mitchell (skip), Andrew Morton, Jack Brisbane and John Graham.

Lesley Young

Here's a better one of Lesley in the 'Smiles of the Day' category, with third Louise Joiner. Hailey Duff and Beth Dandie are the others in this Forfar team.

Gregor Bousie skips the Kinross team of Callum McFarlane, David Kettles and Drew Thomson.

This well turned out team is in black and white - their sponsors are the Black Bull Hotel! Local Lockerbie side, L-R: Cameron McNay (skip), Koren Boomer, Daniel Robson and Ellen Boomer.

Umpire Matt Murdoch in action!

Here's another local Lockerbie side. L-R: Mhari Paul (skip), Kirsty Sloan, Lynn Paul and Niall Goldie.

Bobby Lammie (left) discusses options with his skip Gregor Cannon. Connor Ballantyne and Mark Munro are the other members of this Stranraer team.

Photos © Skip Cottage. Please email if you find any wrong names!