Monday, September 05, 2011

Your help needed

One of the nice things about producing this blog is that blogallies often get in touch with questions about the sport. I may not always know the answer, but usually I can suggest where the answer can be found.

This one has me stumped, for the moment. A friend of the blog found an old curling print at a car boot sale recently. That's it above. Just click on the image to see it larger. Have you seen it before? Who painted the original, and where is it set? Do you know anything about it?

The print is 20 inches wide x 9 inches, although this may not be the size of the original painting. The artist's name appears to be Evan Macdonald. If this is correct the painting is likely to be by Canadian artist Evan Macdonald (1905–1972), whose life and works are the subject of a recent book (see here). Ontario-born Macdonald painted many scenes in and around Guelph.

Perhaps someone reading this will recognise the print and be able to add some information. It may indeed be well known in Canada. In the meantime, my own researches into it continue!