Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday at Lockerbie

Here are a few more photos from the playoff stages at the Lockerbie U-17 competition yesterday. Just to explain, there were six sections of four. The top team in each section then made a group of six. These were ranked, the best two got a bye to the High Road semifinals. The other four played quarterfinals, the winners progressing to meet the teams that got the bye.

A similar process with the six teams which finished second in each section sorted out the Low Road. I've already posted pix of the High and Low Road winners here.

Although Bruce Mouat and Thomas Muirhead won their sections, they were not in the two ranked 1 and 2. They met in the quarterfinals, with Thomas's team proving stronger on the day - just. Bruce came up short with a draw for a second shot in the last end, which would have won him the game, then lost in the extra.

Here is the Mouat team in action. Thomas Halder and Angus Dowell work on Calum Greenwood's stone.

Gregor Cannon got past Cameron Bryce in the quarterfinals, thanks to a big four in the fifth end. All the results are on this page.

Lesley Young, Louise Joiner, Hailey Duff and Beth Dandie won the High Road 3-4 playoff...

... over Ross Whyte, Zack Stewart, Fraser Kingan and Christopher Howat.

Beth and Hailey wait for the X74 bus!

Ross Whyte

Ross again

Brad Askew and Matt Murdoch watch the games. Here Rachel Hannen delivers with Lauren McIntyre and Alison Fyfe in attendance.

Rachel has been selected to play for GB in the Winter Youth Olympic Games next year.

Thomas Muirhead will be her teammate, along with Duncan Menzies and Angharad Ward (see here).

Rachel, with Rachael Halliday, Lauren and Alison, lost out to Katie Murray, Sophie Jackson, Gayle Allan and Calum Wright (substituting for Kirsty Morton yesterday) in the Low Road 3-4 game.

Katie's delivery.

Here are the two teams in the Low Road final. Back L-R: Mhairi Paul, Kirsty Sloan, Lynn Paul, Niall Goldie (Lockerbie). Front: Andrew Neilson, John Ballantyne, Graeme Allan, Mark Guthrie (Lanarkshire). The boys were the stronger on the day.

Here are some photos of the two teams which contested the final:

Mark Munro, Bobbie Lammie and Connor Ballantye sweeping hard.

Thomas Muirhead watches his opposition in the final.

Gregor watches his stone, with John Fraser behind.

John and Kerr Waddell ready on their skip's stone. Young Kerr was substitute at lead this weekend for the Muirhead team.

Here's Thomas again.

Kerr delivers in the final, with sweepers John Fraser and Craig Waddell ready for action.

Connor delivers, with Mark and Bobbie his sweepers.

Did I mention there was a singles competition yesterday too? This was won by Andrew Neilson who beat Bruce Mouat in the final. Sue Stevenson presented Andrew with his prize.

Sue's new curling shoes are available from British Curling Supplies!

I think a special mention has to go to all the parents/drivers/supporters who are such an integral part of the U17 competitions. All in all, a great weekend. Super to see such enthusiasm on and off the ice. And the curling was good too!

Photos © Skip Cottage