Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oslo, Saskatoon and Lockerbie

Norway is experiencing something of a Scottish invasion this week as six of our teams from the Podium and Performance squads (see here) are in Oslo for the Radisson Blu Oslo Cup, a Curling Champions Tour event. Four teams skipped by Tom Brewster, Logan Gray, David Edwards and Jay McWilliam will compete in the men's competition which involves twenty-five teams in five sections. First games begin at 10.50 today (Thursday).

Eve Muirhead's and Sarah Reid's teams will play in the women's event in Oslo, again with twenty-five teams in five sections.

The social highlight of the Oslo Cup is of course Rudolph's Party this evening. The organisers state, "Lapplandish reindeer, accompanied with genuine Norwegian Aquavit, will be served to players and guests from 18.30 hrs until we run out."

The event is being webcast by, see here, and mirrored on Curlingkanalen, here, the Swedish site also providing a results service.

David Murdoch's team are on the second leg of their Canadian visit, as they participate in the 2011 Point Optical Curling Classic in Saskatoon, an Asham World Curling Tour event. See here for the first round draw. This is a thirty-two team triple knockout.

Me? I'll be showing my support for the Under 17 competition at Lockerbie. It's good news that all the U17 competitions are full to overflowing this season, with twenty-four teams in each. I look forward to seeing who stars at the Lockerbie rink this weekend. The draw can be downloaded from this page. There are six sections with four teams in each. First games are not until Saturday morning.

Good to see that the Royal Caledonian Curling Club's new website is up and running. Kay Adams usually provides comprehensive previews and roundups of each weekend's action there.