Friday, September 02, 2011

Hogmanay Curling

You may have read over the summer that Glasgow has scrapped plans for its Hogmanay party this year. Here's one article with an opinion on this.

However, the summer announcement did mention - intriguingly - that there would be curling in the city's George Square this year, in the family party that will finish at 10pm. The 'come and try' last year was a great success, see here, and Glasgow City Council obviously liked what happened then.

The Royal Club's Development Manager Judith McFarlane has confirmed that she is keen to be involved again. She says, "After the success of curling at Glasgow’s Hogmanay Celebrations last year, Glasgow Life and Royal Club are keen to continue to offer curling at George Square. Discussions have commenced with regard to the possibility of a Try Curling session during the festive period. Curling is likely to feature again at Glasgow’s Hogmanay Party which will be taking on a different approach and will be held during the day with a focus on families. Curling at George Square surrounded by Christmas lights with music playing and lots of smiles from the people around is an amazing experience. It provides a great opportunity to showcase and promote curling and I, for one, hope this becomes an annual occurrence!"

Let's hope Judith's discussions bear fruit.

There's a fabulous video here which shows what can be done. Or click on the image below. Did you know that curling featured in Red Square in Moscow last year? See if you recognise any of the competitors. (Bear with it, the curling comes in after about four minutes of the video.)

Curling... Moscow... Red Square. Great fun. Has to be seen to be believed. Enjoy!