Monday, January 16, 2012

WYOG: GB v Italy

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Austria:

"It was Game 5 for GBR at the curling event of the Winter Youth Olympic Games at the Innsbruck Mess Halle, and Duncan Menzies, Angharad Ward, Thomas Muirhead and Rachel Hannen were desperate to open their account with a win over Italy's Amos Mosaner.

Mosaner won the right of the last stone at the first end on the Last Stone Draw. GBR lay two shots when the Italian skip played his last stone takeout on the shot stone but finished up playing the double, running himself and leaving his biter as shot. End two and GBR blanked. Third end and Mosaner wrecked on a guard allowing Duncan to draw for three. In the fourth Mosaner drew the second shot after Duncan had hit and run out when needing to stick in the house.

Fifth and on a measure Great Britain was awarded the single shot. Sixth and Mosaner played a great shot, an angled raise take-out for two shots to lead 5-4. Under pressure in the seventh, Mosaner missed his final stone hit allowing Menzies to draw for two and a one shot lead into the final end.

With skip's final stones to come in the eighth Duncan faced three Italian counters and chose to draw and try and get cover behind an opposition stone in the six foot. But his stone hung slightly wide and sat mostly open for Mosaner to hit for game. But the Italian skip was far too heavy, the stone ran straight and although it hit the GBR stone it rocked onto a counter behind the tee for shot. It was game to GBR 7-5.

So, it is all down to tomorrow. Duncan said, "We still have a chance (to qualify) if we win both our games and a couple of other results go in our favour. We have to play Russia and Austria and this win will give us a boost."

To explain it all is not that easy but let's put it this way; Canada has to play Germany and Japan, and Russia faces Great Britain and Italy. Both these teams are two points clear of GBR. With Russia up first GBR must win. A loss and GBR interest in this first of two curling competitions is over."

ITA* 1002 0200 = 5
GBR 0030 1021 = 7

RESULTS Red Section Round 5: Russia 8 Austria 5, Great Britain 7 Italy 5, Japan 9 Germany 2, Sweden 6 Canada 5 (Extra end)

Standings after five games: 4/1 Japan, Sweden, 3/2 Canada, Russia, 2/3 Austria, Italy, 1/4 Germany, Great Britain.

In the Blue Section, the USA, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have already secured qualification for the quarterfinals with one round remaining. Blue Standings after Six Rounds: 6/0 USA, 5/1 Switzerland, 4/2 Czech Republic, 3/3 China, 2/4 New Zealand, Norway, 1/5 Estonia, Korea.

All the results can be found here.

Photo of Duncan Menzies is © Leslie Ingram-Brown