Friday, January 27, 2012

Team Blair Fraser

It was good to see Thomas Sloan (above) back in action on the ice and in fine fettle after his accident earlier in the season. (Where did he get these eyes?)

Anyway, I had hoped I might be able to get some pics of all the competitors on the ice this weekend. I did this last year at the Juniors, and it provides a record of the competition. This year there are some old faces, and some new ones too.

You can find all the photos I took a year ago if you search back in the archives on the right. Has anyone aged?

I've made a start this year, but unfortunately, the internet access has been problematic at Curl Aberdeen (please, please, please get things fixed) and my earlier posts yesterday were courtesy of a different computer than my own, one of the 'lucky ones' who could get connected. Thanks, Colin Campbell.

Of course, I can always post from back in the hotel, which is what I'm doing now. Team photos then may well be delivered overnight, or even next week when the event is all over. Let's see how it goes over the next few days.

Team Blair Fraser

Struan Wood plays lead for Team Blair Fraser.

Hamilton McMillan was at second stones yesterday.

Thomas Sloan was third.

Blair Fraser, skip.

Blair in the head in the game against the Bruce Mouat team. That's Bruce in front.

Photos © Skip Cottage