Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sad Saturday, and other stories

Spare a thought for the curlers who now 'age out' of the juniors, and who have played their last game in junior competition EVER this weekend. Mhairi Anderson, above, is one such. Was she sad when she came off the ice after playing her last round robin game today? Were there lots of tears? Did Uncle Bob have a lump in his throat? Actually, it's a long time ago when I was 'too old' at 21! Don't worry Mhairi, in twenty-nine years time, you will be eligible to play in the Scottish Seniors' Championship!

And let's have a wee round of applause for the ice tech team this weekend.

Tom 'The Mop' Brewster, snr.

Colin 'Happy at his Work' Campbell.

Tom 'Ice Boss' Brewster.

IMPORTANT: The final round robin games in the men's competition have been shortened to eight ends, to allow for time before the Page 1-2 games this evening. Follow the results here.

Photos © Skip Cottage