Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Progress Slow at Kinross

I should have been in Kinross last night. A meeting had been called to update members of the Kinross Curling Trust on the progress on work undertaken on the proposed new facility since December, see here.

But the meeting was cancelled.

I asked Trust Chairman Bob Tait what was the reason for the cancellation. He responded, "The meeting date was set in anticipation the Trustees could present a complete package to fund construction. This has proved to be optimistic as despite our best efforts discussions are still continuing with banks, other Trusts, potential sponsors, members, Perth and Kinross Council and MSPs.

Very frustrating and disappointing for all concerned about the future of curling in Kinross currently enjoyed by 1000 or so players. While we are used to wading through the car park, seeing buckets on the ice to collect water penetrating the roof is a fairly worrying development with potentially serious consequences."

The next milestone in the long-running saga will be the Trust's AGM. A date has yet to be set, but is likely to be towards the end of next month.