Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WYOG Update: Switzerland Win Gold

Switzerland won Gold, Italy got Silver, and Canada, Bronze, at the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports:

"Congratulations to Team Switzerland, Michael Brunner (skip), Elena Stern, Romano Meier and Lisa Gisler, who claimed the gold medal at the first Youth Winter Olympic Games defeating Italy's Amos Mosaner, Denise Pimpini, Alessandro Zoppi and Arianna Losano 6-4.

It all came down to the last end with Italy requiring two shots for an extra end and three shots for the win.

Switzerland's Meier made the first mistake, a silent take-out but then with the whole house to draw to Meier with his second stone attempted draw almost hit the hack. From then on Switzerland controlled the end and when Mosaner came to throw his first stone, needing to be in the house he too was heavy, and the gold medal went to Swizerland.

In the Bronze Medal playoff again the game went into the last end with Canada up by one shot. Canadian skip Thomas Scoffin played a perfect freeze with his second stone to lie. Swedish skip Rasmus Wrana went for the draw. With all four Swedish players in action their stone for the extra end finished a matter of inches away and Scoffin, Corryn Brown, Derek Oryniak and Emily Gray had won the Bronze Medal."

SUI * 2020 101X = 6
ITA 0102 010X = 4

CAN 1020 1101 = 6
SWE * 0103 0000 = 4

The scores are all here.

Top photo: Switzerland - Gold

Silver - Italy

Bronze - Canada.

The mascot presentation photos are © Leslie Ingram-Brown.