Monday, January 23, 2012

Another 'Oops' at Four Nations

John Brown has a full report of the Four Nations here. By all accounts it was a great weekend, and I certainly enjoyed spending Saturday at the Greenacres Rink.

Gill Daley has sent all the presentation pics and these are attached to John's report - just click on the Toothy Tales link on the right.

Controversy? After last year, one would hope not. But I grimaced when I read that the Tom Ballantyne trophy had failed to appear at Greenacres. This is the most prestigious of the trophies played for, Scotland v England, contested by five men's teams aside. And won again by Scotland. Well done guys!

Last year in Kent, it was the only trophy that Scotland won. It has been in the Royal Club care since then. So why wasn't it at Greenacres to be presented yesterday?

Explanations include:

1. Somebody just forgot.
2. It's been stolen.
3. They couldn't find the key to the vault where it is securely stored.
4. It was considered too risky to transport it through Glasgow for risk of carjacking.
5. There's no insurance for the trophy to be displayed.
6. It was left on a table after the Royal Club AGM and is in a cupboard somewhere.
7. It has been melted down and sold for scrap to swell Royal Club's coffers.

I'll leave it to you to decide which of the above is the most likely!

Above is what the trophy looks like. Let me know if you find it anywhere! Pic © Skip Cottage.

A 'special mention' for this Scots side who contributed the highest aggregate score against their opposition (+ 16 over two games). L-R: Alan Chalmers, David Wright, Graeme Maguire and Hamish Lorrain-Smith (skip). Photo © Gill Daley.