Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scottish Juniors: Women 7

Three teams, Hannah Fleming, Hazel Smith and Jennifer Doods went in to the last round robin draw all on five wins and one loss. Smith and Dodds faced each other, the winner assured of a place in the Page 1-2. Jennifer's team seemed the stronger in this encounter, and were 5-3 up after eight, with the hammer. In the ninth, when it looked as if Hazel's side might steal, Jennifer's runback double resolved the situation, her side counted three and the handshakes were offered.

Fleming had to get past the Mhairi Paul team, and they duly did so. Team Fleming finished the round robin with just one loss.

So Fleming will meet Dodds in the Page 1-2, the winner going to Sunday's final. Hazel Smith's team will play the loser of the Page 1-2, the winner of that game going to the championship final.

All the results can be found here.

Photo of Hazel and Jennifer is © Skip Cottage.