Friday, January 27, 2012

Scottish Juniors: Women 6

The top three teams have been decided, with one round to play. Hannah Fleming, Jennifer Dodds and Hazel Smith are all on five wins and one loss, after tonight's sixth round robin game at Curl Aberdeen, and cannot now be caught by any of the other five teams.

What remains to be decided though is the order in which they will finish the preliminary rounds. Smith and Dodds play against each other tomorrow. Fleming faces the young Mhairi Paul team, whose coach, Marion Murdoch, set Hannah and her girls on the road (what seems) MANY years ago!

The top two teams after the round robin play a Page 1-2, the loser drops to the 'semifinal' to meet the third placed team, and the winner of that game plays the winner of the Page 1-2 for the title.

Find all the results and standings here.

More team photos online during the night!