Sunday, January 15, 2012

Continental Cup Update

Team World leads Team North America by 170 points to 120 at the World Financial Group Continental Cup in Langley, British Columbia. Read the Day 3 update here.

There are just two games to be played in the competition, but there are 55 points at stake in each. Don't ask me why. It's simply a nonsense that the results in the final two games could cancel out everything that has gone before in three days of play. Ryder Cup this is not. Team World has not lost one of the nine previous rounds in a variety of disciplines.

Anyway, Team World’s Bingyu Wang meets North America’s Stefanie Lawton in the Women’s Skins and in the Men’s Skins game Norway’s Team Ulsrud will play for Team World against Canada’s Jeff Stoughton for Team North America. Team World needs to score just thirty-one points to reach the 201 needed for the win.

I've enjoyed the webcasts from the event, and you can watch the key games here. And there are lots of photos in galleries on the WCF website here.