Saturday, January 21, 2012

Four Nations

'Well played!" Michael McCreadie.

Shelly English, Tom Paterson, Lauren Baxter - the flag raising team!

Michael was skipping and playing third stones for this Scottish team in an Sco v Eng tie.

Hamish Lorraine-Smith, and some nice trousers!

Andrew Tanner welcomes the competitors. The Welsh Curling Association is hosting the event.

Michael Sutherland

Ken McColl

It took a while before the Scots got started in this one!

You would think the Irish were losing!

Good style from John Brown.

Who brought the Welsh dragon?

Dawn Watson delivers with Jan Howard and Liz Paul as the sweepers.

England v Scotland women.

Royal Club President (back right) representing Scotland in this match against England for the Tom Ballantyne trophy.

Photos © Skip Cottage