Friday, January 27, 2012

Scottish Juniors: Men Round 6

There were two undefeated teams going into this morning's games at Curl Aberdeen. Jay McWilliam's side were held for eight ends by the Ruairidh Greenwood team, before landing a three in the ninth, and that was the game. You can find all the results and standings on the Royal Club website here.

The Kyle Smith side were always in command in their game against Blair Fraser. The photo above shows Kyle Waddell and Thomas Muirhead on Kerr Drummond's stone.

Five wins each then for McWilliam and Smith. They meet tomorrow morning. Top three teams after the eight game round robin qualify for the playoffs. The top two teams will meet in a Page 1-2 game. The winner goes to the final. The loser drops in to a 'semifinal' with the third placed team. The winner of that goes to the final too.

Time for a caption pic. This from the Mouat v Menzies game this morning. How about, "I've never see a pound coin disappear down the hole so completely."


"I think it's a curling stone!"


"Looking for a very small umpire."

Your turn.

Pics © Skip Cottage