Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scottish Juniors: Men Round 8

This was the position going into the penultimate round robin game. The two unbeaten teams matched up for the first time, and it was preety much decided in the first end, McWilliam scoring a big four. So, it was first blood to Jay and his team of Grant Hardie (throwing last stones), Colin Dick and Billy Morton. The McWilliam and Smith teams will match up again in the Page 1-2 game later.

But who will be the third qualifier? The key game this morning was between Blair Fraser, on four wins, and Duncan Menzies, on three wins. Duncan needed to win this to stay in contention. And a Team Menzies win would keep Bruce Mouat's chances alive.

Blair was two up playing the last and ran out the winners. Team Fraser then is the third qualifier. Team Mouat has played all its games and finishes on four wins, four losses.

Duncan Menzies and Blair Fraser.

Photos © Skip Cottage