Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eve's Quadruple at Con Cup

Eve Muirhead and Fredrik Lindstrom won their Mixed Doubles game yesterday at the World Financial Group Continental Cup. I was tickled to be able to watch the game online (from this page), and witnessed Eve making a quadruple takeout. Sweet, it was. I hope that piece of video gets saved for posterity. The Team World pairing defeated Ben Hebert and Stefanie Lawton, Eve having to make a pressure last stone hit for the win.

During the webcast there were glimpses of Anna Sloan and Greg Drummond who won their MDs tie too.

All the results can be found here.

If you are a fan of the Royal Club's Your Curler, you may be interested in comparisons with the Canadian Curling Association supported daily newspaper from the Continental Cup in Langley, the Morning Cup. You can download the first two editions from this page. High quality indeed, as expected from any publication with Larry Wood's input.

I noted one the Canadian Curling Association's 'Start Curling' adverts which ran during one of the breaks on the TSN feed. It's available to watch on YouTube here, and there's other similar adverts, all designed to get Canadian television viewers curling, here and here.

Now write an essay on the cultural differences between Scots and Canadians!