Sunday, January 22, 2012

Glynhill Casting Report

The serious stuff first of all. This morning's quarterfinals are:

Muirhead v Tirinzoni
Ott v Kamp
McManus v Jaggi
Sidorova v Ziablikova

Last year's winners, the Anna Hasselborg team are in the (new this year) Consolation Event against Gail Munro, and Klimova meets Reid in this event too.

All the results can be found here.

Now of course, to the sub plot of the weekend. You will remember the Bond Girls, who are here to check out locations for the new film Three Days in January, see here.

Cindy Wood from the Bond Girls team, above, co-opted umpires Robin Shand and Colin Melrose to help her whittle down the applicants for new Bond Girls to star in the curling scenes in the upcoming production. The auditions took place last night at the Glynhill Hotel.

Now, I've had a quick look at a draft script. The Russians are no longer the 'baddies' of course, and we'll see many of them on the ice in the new film. Apparently on the dark side of the new thriller are the Gogar Park Willy Bankers who have amassed huge sums stealing from ordinary people over the years and are now reviled throughout the community. Their latest ploy has been to kidnap a panda from Edinburgh Zoo.

A glamourous MI7 operative has rescued the panda and is hiding with it in the Braehead Shopping Complex. And here's where the curling scene comes in. It gets loose and is chased into the Braehead Curling Rink where an international competition is underway.

Jennifer Martin's team impressed last night. As did coach Colin Morrison who looks set to get the part of a Willy Banker!

How could you have a curling scene without Team Muirhead.

Daniela Driendl made a big effort in front of the cameras last night, and were quickly awarded a second audition.

Finnish glamour easily impressed.

Didn't Kerry Barr's team brush up well! The judging panel were impressed.

Linn Githmark (third from left) may even get a starring role in the new film as the undercover MI7 agent, and panda enthusiast.

Team Munro helped out. No white cats auditioned last night, but Mhairi Baird's brown moggie called Barry could well get a part as it likes to be stroked!

The Jackie Lockhart team performed well in front of the camera, and Jackie's rendition of Lady in Red impressed the casters! She's good with cars too, it seems

Diamond Lil's team got into the act last night, and - would you believe it - have made it through to the second round of casting.

Karen Cromar is to be Miss Moneypenny - she's the treasurer of the Glynhill event organising committee.

I can reveal though, that Bond's love interest is to be Liudmila Privivkova! Did you ever doubt it? There's a scene, apparently, where Lucy and her mother Olga are hiding in Glasgow's new Riverside transport museum - in a Coronation tram car - as the baddies storm the building. James Bond comes to the rescue of course, and the three escape along the Clydeside Expressway in a 1953 Triumph Mayflower hijacked from the museum.

I just can't wait ....

Photos © Skip Cottage.