Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scottish Juniors: Women 3

Well, I've finally made it to Curl Aberdeen where the Scottish Junior Championships are underway. I've been watching the women's third round of games. Going into this, three teams were undefeated, Young, Fleming and Dodds.

The Lesley Young team had two wins on the board this afternoon before their game against Maggie Wilson. That's Lesley in the top photo with Lauren Baxter, who plays the last stone for Team Wilson. And above is Lesley throwing, with Beth Dandie and Hailey Duff. You can find all the results on the Royal Club website here.

Who won? It went to an extra, with Team Wilson having the hammer. Lauren had a difficult draw to win, but didn't make it.

Hannah Fleming and Jennifer Dodds were both undefeated when they met today. Hannah's team held the advantage for most of the game, but Jennifer's team stole the last to set up an extra end in this game too. Hannah had to draw the one foot with her last stone in the eleventh, and was inches short.

Exciting stuff.

Photos © Skip Cottage