Saturday, October 02, 2010

Team McWilliam accepts challenge

No sooner than I had commented in my October Editorial (see here) on the lack of an online presence for Scottish curling teams, Team McWilliam has launched its own blog, see here, or click the image above.

Well done guys. That's Ian Copland (lead), Struan Wood (2nd), Grant Hardie (3rd) and Jay McWilliam (skip) L-R in the header from their blog, above.

I like the way they have acknowleged their sponsors and those who have helped them. I suspect they might be the only Scottish junior men's team which has a chain of hair and beauty salons as one of their sponsors, see here!

The team's schedule is on their blog, and I see Team McWilliam is on the ice at Kinross for the Junior Classic next weekend.

Talking of team websites, go here to see how one top Canadian team does it.