Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Edinburgh, 1984

We're back in 1984 for this week's rescued clip from the curling archives. So if I say, "All ice is equal but some ice is more equal than others," what is the connection? Answer below*.

Anyway, enough of the literary conundrums. The YouTube video, here, or click on the screenshot above, is from an early round game in the Skol Edinburgh International Championship, originally broadcast by Scottish Television. Graeme Adam's team is up against Canada's Mike Riley. I've edited the whole of the seventh end, plus a couple of shots from the ninth. If it seems a bit jumpy, I apologise, as I've removed all the stone replays, and in so doing I've got rid of my own commentary, leaving Brian Alderman to carry the description of what's happening. You're not missing anything, I can assure you. Enjoy this ten minute look back at the past.

If this video shows anything, it illustrates just what an improvement there has been in ice conditions over the years!

Look closely at the people watching the action behind the head. Recognise a very young looking Robin Copland? I'm sure he didn't realise then that one day he would be on the organising committee for the Edinburgh International. Indeed, he has just written a piece about this season's event on the EI blog here, and also about the Seniors' draw here. The draws for the events can be downloaded from the main event website here.

* The connection is George Orwell who wrote both 1984 and Animal Farm (from whence comes the quote 'All animals are equal but some are more equal than others').