Sunday, October 03, 2010

Basel update

Here's a quick update on the Scottish progress in the Curling Champions Tour event in Switzerland this weekend - the Swiss Cup Basel.

Ally Fraser, Blair Fraser, Thomas Sloan and Kerr Drummond finished the weekend with two wins and three losses. David Murdoch had local Markus Eggler at third substituting for Warwick Smith who was unavailable because of work commitments, Glen Muirhead and Ross Hepburn. The Murdoch team ran up against Tom Brewster (with Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow) in the B Road on Saturday. The two elite funded sides went to an extra end, before Murdoch hit and rolled out with last stone, to lose. I watched much of the game on, and most enjoyable it was too, with Brian Gray's commentary on the high-quality webcast.

The loss dropped Murdoch into the C road where they defeated Ally Fraser's team before Norway's Thomas Ulsrud took their own last life.

Brewster's team won two more in B to reach the quarterfinals where they lost to Baden Masters winner Thomas Lips. In the other quarters, European Champion Niklas Edin lost to Andy Kapp.

Ulsrud was beaten by Team Schwaller, and Team Attinger beat A-Road qualifier Team Pescia 6:4.

The big money semifinals (Kapp v Attinger and Schwaller v Lips) and the final are tomorrow, Monday, and the webcast can be found here if you don't have to work!

The top pic is a LAOLAtv1 screenshot showing Markus Eggler competing with the David Murdoch team.