Saturday, October 16, 2010

Team of the Day at Forfar

The Women's Tour event at Forfar Indoor Sports continued today (Saturday). The teams are playing in two sections and, as I write this, all have played two matches. One more to go today.
The results can be found on the Royal Club website here.

I thought to highlight today the foreign team in the draw. Team England - 'Team of the Day'. Getting practice and time on the ice together before the European Championships in December. That's skip Lorna Rettig in the pic above. There's no reason why other non-Scottish teams could not be attracted to play next year.

Lorna and Kirsty Balfour chew over the options.

Nicola Woodward delivers, with Suzie Law and Kirsty Balfour at the ready.

Hardworking sweepers!

"Oh, she does go on......."

Kirsty Balfour

"Three's a crowd!"

Suzie Law, and a leg.

"Where is Champery, anyway?"

L-R: Suzie Law, Nicola Woodward, Kirsty Balfour and Lorna Rettig

Photos © Skip Cottage. Team photos taken by request!