Friday, October 29, 2010

European Qualifying Session 2

The two teams which sat out the first rounds of the European Qualifying competition at Perth this afternoon were on the ice tonight. Above, Hammy McMillan, David Smith, Ross Paterson and Sandy Gilmour had their first game against David Murdoch's team.

You will find the linescore here. Hammy controlled the game after counting a three in the fifth. He was three up coming home with the hammer. It would be a point on the board for the McMillan team.

Barbara McFarlane, Kay Adams, Kerry Barr and Sarah Reid faced Eve Muirhead's side in their first game. This was a close one, the teams tied 4-4 after eight. Team Reid took a single in the ninth. Eve had last stone coming home. She needed it, playing a cracker to clear away a frozen Reid stone to lie one, possibly two. A measure was needed, but the Reid stone was closer, and Muirhead only counted the single. It was into an extra end, the score 5-5.

The extra was messy with lots of stones in play and guards out front. Sarah had a difficult draw to cut the edge of the four foot to win, but she just feathered the guard and stopped inches short. It was another win for Team Muirhead.

Pics © Skip Cottage