Friday, October 15, 2010

Leading off at Forfar

We're in Forfar tonight for the first of the Women's Tour events. Twelve teams. The results will be on the Royal Club website here.

I thought to do something different tonight, and just photograph the lead players. They're the ones who never get enough credit, and after all, I am a card carrying member of the Front End Union myself!

I'll identify them by name, and your mission, should you care to accept it, is to guess/remember who they are playing for. (The answers will be at the bottom of the post.) Above is (1) Ena Stevenson.

(2) Abi Brown (just one X missing!)

(3) Margaret Cairns

(4) Claire Dagen

(5) Alison Mather

(6) Suzie Law

(7) Fiona Steele

(8) Liz Welch

(9) Sarah Macintyre

(10) Carol Dawson

(11) Caitlin Barr

(12) Lesley Young. I win!! (Lesley was a local substitute)

1. Ena Stevenson, Pat McFarlane, Wilma Brownlie and Mary Barr (skip)
2. Abi Brown, Alice Spence, Becca Kesley and Hannah Fleming (skip)
3. Margaret Cairns, Ann-Maree Davidson, Liz Martin and Brenda Macintyre (skip)
4. Claire Dagen, Dionne Clark, Maggie Wilson (fourth), Lauren Baxter (skip)
5. Alison Mather, Kerry Adams-Taylor, Lyndsay Wilson and Gail Munro (skip)
6. Suzie Law, Nicola Woodward, Kirsty Balfour and Lorna Rettig (skip)
7. Fiona Steele, Judith McFarlane, Louise Soutar and Gillian Howard (skip)
8. Liz Welch, Barbara Oag, Kate Henderson and Judith Carr (skip)
9. Sarah Macintyre, Kim Brewster, Karen Kennedy and Jackie Lockhart (skip)
10. Carol Dawson, Hazel Swankie, Margaret Scott and Linda Young (skip)
11. Caitlin Barr, Tasha Aitken, Jennifer Dodds and Lauren Gray (skip)
12. Lesley Young, Eilidh Templeton, Hazel Smith and Helen King (skip)

Photos © Skip Cottage