Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Another small step forward in the evolution of Skip Cottage Curling

This photo, courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown, is of John Brown, competing at the 2009 World Senior Curling Championships in Dunedin, New Zealand. John and I go back a long way. He has been over the years one of the most prolific writers about the sport of curling, and a great supporter of the sadly missed Scottish Curler magazine.

He wrote his first piece for Skip Cottage Curling back in August, just after the blog's new-season relaunch. He has much more to say than just a blog page, and so today I am pleased to introduce everyone to, another 'associate blog', alongside Robin Copland's Behind the Glass blog which launched last month.

The idea of course is to give John and Robin more space and flexibility, and ownership of their own sites. They are free to comment on the sport with me encouraging, but not influencing, them on what they say. I hope you will enjoy reading their articles. I'll make a point of flagging up on the main page here whenever new copy goes online.

Why Toothy Tales? You need to read John's first post in his blog to find out!

Click on the links in the sidebar, or on John's photo above.

John's photo is courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown