Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Aberdeen City Open Needs YOU!

If you are anything like me, you probably haven't looked much beyond the end of the year. The new diary hasn't been bought yet, and even the calendar page on the blog (here) hasn't been updated for the second half of the season! I was reminded that I still had this to do (and I AM working on it), when I received the photo above of the splendid new trophy which will be awarded to the winners of the Aberdeen City Open competition, February 4-6, 2011.

I've mentioned the competition before, see here. Briefly, the story is that in staging the successful 2009 European Curling Championships in Aberdeen the local organising committee received terrific support from the Lord Provost, Councillors and officials of Aberdeen City Council. By way of a 'thank you' the LOC donated a new set of civic robes for the Lord Provost.

In turn the City Council, being appreciative of the profile which the Championships brought to the city, donated a trophy for annual competition and this will be played for in February.

The unique trophy has been created by local curler and jeweller Peter Carry. It is of Aberdeen granite in the shape of a 'house' with silver rings and with the 'pot lid' being the City Crest.

You are probably much more organised than me, and you may have already got your entry in for the competition! If you haven't, the event website is here, and that is where to download an entry form. Do it now, before it's too late. It is not easy to get a new event off the ground, and this one deserves all the support. Who will be the first names on this splendid trophy?

There are still places available. The competition is open to any four curlers from Scotland or abroad. Twenty-four teams can be accommodated in the inaugural competition, and the event will be run as a Schenkel system with two sections of twelve. All teams are guaranteed four games. The top four in each section will contest quarterfinals on the Sunday.

The top prize for the City Open Champions is £600, with cash rewards to eighth place. There will also be prizes for winners in other categories such as the best Curl Aberdeen team, under 25s, all ladies team and all seniors team.

The entry fee is £120 per team, payable on entry and this includes entertainment and a two course dinner on the Saturday night. And accommodation at a special rate has been arranged at the Holiday Inn, Westhill.

The photo records the formal handing over of the robes and the trophy and is © Aberdeen City Council. L-R George Esson, Councillor John Stewart, Lord Provost Peter Stephen in the new robes, Councillor Kevin Stewart, and George Stevenson. And if you would like to revisit some memories of the Le Gruyere 2009 European Championships in Aberdeen, the event blog is still online here.