Monday, October 11, 2010

Top Twenty from Kinross

Here are the two teams which contested the final at the Kinross Junior Curling Classic yesterday. Back L-R: Caitlin Barr (lead), Tasha Aitken (2nd), Jennifer Dodds (3rd) and Lauren Gray (skip). Front: Louise Mansion (skip), Katie Murray (fourth), Jayne Stirling (2nd) and Kirsty Morton (lead). The presentation pic is here.

These are the finalists in the junior men's event. Back L-R: Colin Mouat (lead), Darryl Russell (2nd), Derrick Sloan (3rd) and Bruce Mouat (skip). Front: Peter Howden (lead), Colin Howden (2nd), Colin Dick (3rd) and John Penny (skip). The presentation pic is here.

I've selected my favourite twenty photos I took yesterday. No sooner than I thought 'top twenty from Sunday' than I was back to when the hit singles chart played a big part of my life, and the lives no doubt of others of my generation who weren't at Kinross on Sunday, but were likely on the ice at Stranraer in the Senior Mixed! If I go back to the days before MP3 players, before the internet, and even before television was in colour, one of the highlights of a week was to listen to Alan (Fluff) Freeman's 'Pick of the Pops' on the Light Programme on a Sunday afternoon. With a group of friends I often went walkabout in a local park with a little transistor radio to listen to the Top 10. We really knew how to enjoy ourselves way back then!

And in case you are wondering, yes, I was curling then as were many of my friends, but the Crossmyloof rink wasn't open on a Sunday at that time!

So, please indulge my little wallow in nostalgia this afternoon, as I take you back to the first week of October 1963. I doubt if many of the young curlers in the photos will appreciate the sounds of the sixties, but the blog does try to be educational! If you were born in say, 1947, this top twenty (which I've taken from this site) might trigger a few memories. Let's hope they are good ones! And note that the association of a song with a particular picture is not intended to have any special significance!

We start with No 20 'Hello Muddah! Hello Fadduh!' by Alan Sherman, which I'm pretty sure is NOT a song about the RCCC Summer camps!

Anyway that's Struan Wood in the picture above.

In at number 19, is Freddie and the Dreamers with 'I'm telling you now.'

That's Louise Mansion and Katie Murray in the photo. (Click the links and enjoy!)

At 18 was 'Hello Little Girl' by the Fourmost, a Lennon and McCartney song.

That's Gina Aitken above.

At 17 was 'Searchin' by the Hollies.

Graeme Black

No 16 in the chart in the first week of October, 1963, was 'You don't have to be a baby to cry' by the Caravelles.

Bruce Mouat

15. Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas were at 16 with 'Bad to me'.

Lauren Gray and Jennifer Martin.

Karl Denver 'Still' was at no 14.

That's Gary Cannell on the blocks!

13. Adam Faith and The Roulettes 'The First Time'.

It was indeed the first time in a big final for Katie Murray, here with Kirsty Morton and Jayne Stirling sweeping, Louise Mansion in the house.

12. Buddy Holly 'Wishing'

Kinross Junior CC President Iain Wilson encourages everyone to put something in the box in memory of Lauren Napier, a former member of the club who died last week after a battle with cancer. (The collection raised over £200.) If you knew Lauren and/or feel you would like to donate, the Marie Curie Cancer Care site, here, has a donate button. It was all very sad.

11 Jet Harris and Tony Meehan with 'Applejack'. (I don't remember this one at all!)

The Chay Telfer team in action.

10. I certainly recall Johnny Kidd and The Pirates 'I'll Never Get Over You'.

That's Ross Whyte calling the line, with Murray Young and Chay Telfer behind.

And at No 9 was Roy Orbison with 'Mean Woman Blues'. I've always been a big Roy Orbison fan.

Helen King

8. The Shadows, here with 'Shindig' were the first group I went to see live!

That's Lauren Gray and Jennifer Dodds above.

7. Heinz 'Just Like Eddie'. I seem to remember Heinz as a flamboyant character.

Colin Howden and Colin Dick sweep Peter Howden's stone.

6. Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme 'I Want To Stay Here'.

Scott Fraser, Kyle Smith and Cammy Smith discuss the problem!

At No 5 was a song by Trini Lopez, which could almost have been a curling anthem if the title had included the definite article 'If I had a hammer'. And if you watch this clip, I bet you'll be singing it for the rest of the evening! (Ooo oo ooo oo!)

Katie Richardson is in charge of the house, with Hannah Fleming and Becca Kesley behind.

4. Cliff Richard 'It's All In The Game' is another one in the 'curling song' category. There are lots of versions online, but this is an early one. And keep listening if you like Cliff's oldies.

Mhairi Anderson and Naomi Brown.

3. The Crystals 'Then He Kissed Me'.

Jennifer Martin

2. Brian Poole and The Tremeloes 'Do You Love Me'.

Gary Cannell and John Penny.

The Number One in the first week of October 1963, appropriately as we remember John Lennon this past week, was The Beatles with 'She Loves You'.

My favourite candid pic of the weekend was this one of Colin 'She smells nice' Howden, as Carolyn Clark, Helen King and Eilidh Templeton watch their opposition stone in the semifinal.

All photos are © Skip Cottage. Please let me know if I've got names wrong.