Friday, October 08, 2010

Dumfries Ice Bowl Update

I took the opportunity when I was in Dumfries on Wednesday to run past the Ice Bowl and find out the progress on what will be the country's newest dedicated curling rink. The whole facility has been closed over the summer months. Now the main pad is open for business again, and Development Officer Graham Sloan was getting ready for a Come and Try session later in the day. Most local clubs will be playing next week.

Work continues on the conversion of what was the bowling rink into a six sheet curling rink. It all remains a building site, and access is restricted.

A tantalising peek of an open door through the fence was the closest I could get. No completion date has been officially announced, but middle to late November seems likely. I am excited that the new rink opening is so close!

Round the back, a new extension has been constructed, I believe for the curlers' lounge.

More information as I get it.

Photos © Skip Cottage