Saturday, October 02, 2010

Braehead Open Friday

Young and old were on the ice for the Braehead Open yesterday evening. That's Gina Aitken and Peter Wilson in their first round game. You'll remember Peter from some of the archive footage I've been posting recently!

And here are the rest of Gina's team: Mhairi Anderson, Vicky Wright and Katy Richardson.

What a buzz there was about the rink yesterday, with thirty-two teams, including Bill Masterton's wheels side. That's Jim Taylor, Angela Higson and Rosemary Lenton in the pic above.

Well done to the organiser-in-chief Gary Macfarlane, safely back from his Rwandan adventures (see here). (Sorry Gary, one of these days I'll get a good pic you in action!)

Here's Gary's team. No, I don't know what is going on. Don (on the left) seems to be attempting a Vulcan Salute, and failing miserably! Ah well guys, "Live long and prosper!" anyway. (Make that, "Tich tor ang tesmur" in the Vulcan language.)

"Don't look now, Gary," but there's a guy in funny trousers watching us!

Yes! Neil Joss was the star in his new Loudmouth pants. Overheard, "You know, one pair doesn't look right. The whole team have got to have them!"

And yes, in the blue corner we have Team Logan Gray, about to take part in the most colourful men's game of curling in Scotland in the last twenty years.

And their opposition, in the yellow corner, Team Duncan Fernie! Could the days of the all black binbag uniforms in Scottish men's curling really be over? At Skip Cottage Curling we really don't like black tops.

Except sometimes. Team Braehead Clan were looking for their fourth player and a coach when I found them above. That's (L-R), Shiobban, Lauren and Kandi.

Louise Soutar and Graham Shedden

Team Sipila from Finland.

Alison MacLennan and Elaine Semple

You can submit your own caption for this one of Stewart Riddick and David Smith.

It was really great to see Jackie Lockhart back on the ice!

John Dunn, almost in focus!

"That was a stinker of a shot!"

Aileen Neilson fielded a 'family rink' with a mix of wheels and ABs. But I'm interested in what she's holding. Is it a 'light sabre' she has for her team to aim at!

All the teams are guaranteed four games at least, and some may even play seven before the event finishes up on Sunday. I'll be back up the road then to find out the winners in the various categories. I suspect all the competitors will have enjoyed themselves, on and off the ice, by Sunday evening.

Pics © Skip Cottage