Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kinross Junior Classic

David Jones, Curling Development Officer at Kinross, presents the trophy to the high road winners of the Kinross Junior Classic today. L-R: John Penny (skip), Colin Dick, Colin Howden and Peter Howden. Team Penny beat Bruce Mouat, Derrick Sloan, Darryl Russell and Colin Mouat in a close final.

In the Junior Women's event, Lauren Gray's team beat the Louise Mansion side at the last stone of the final. Lauren's team (L-R in the photo above) was Caitlin Barr, Tasha Aitken and Jennifer Dodds. In the Mansion team, Louise skipped and played third this weekend, with Katie Murray playing the last stones. Jayne Stirling and Kirsty Morton were the front end.

Jay McWilliam, Grant Hardie, Struan Wood and Ian Copland won the low road final over Chay Telfer, Murray Young, Andrew Ballantyne and David Miller. Hannah Fleming, Becca Kesley, Alice Spence and Abi Brown beat Gina Aitken, Katie Richardson, Mhairi Anderson and Naomi Brown in the girls' low road final, only after an extra end.

This was a great event with a full twelve teams in both competitions. I took loads of photos today, so many that it may well take me until (much) later tomorrow to go through them to pick out the best. Please check back then.

Winners' pics © Skip Cottage