Saturday, February 20, 2010

Armchair Olympics 10

It was great to see Eve, Jackie, Kelly and Lorna really looking as if they were enjoying their Olympic experience as they won their match against Andrea Schoepp's German team yesterday. I watched the highlights of the Japanese game on replay this morning. Not the best of performances compared with what had gone before. But I was still celebrating Amy Williams' success. Was that not something else! Mike Haggerty's curling reports are here.

I had a heads up that the Associated Press has an Olympic microsite here, with multimedia coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. There is indeed a curling section (here) with all the results and a great photogallery, as one would expect from AP photographers. The photo above of Eve is an example. This AP photo is by Robert F Bukaty.

I note that Ladies' Branch President Kay Gibb, the first to bring a blog to the Royal Club site, is now in Vancouver and illustrating her experiences here. (On other things, did you note that Kay is one of three members who have been nominated for the Royal Club Board. The other names are Bill Marshall and Trevor Dodds, see here. There are two places for elected directors, so there will be an election at the RCCC AGM, June 19, at the Erskine Bridge Hotel.)

I'm warming to the Cram - Martin combination as the commentators on the BBC. Long hours for them. Although someone has to tell Rhona that her magic pen telestrator is either not working or is using invisible ink. Absolutely!

I heard today that Eurosport has decided to reschedule and show more curling, and they needed a commentator. Logan Gray, seen below working with Live Channel at the Le Gruyere European Championships, has answered the call and is on his way to Paris. I can't wait to hear how the Richard Vaughn - Logan Gray pairing works out!

It is to be expected perhaps that the Olympic curling brings out a spate of ignorant and ill informed comment in the media and in the blogosphere. Some of it is really rather pathetic, like this article that predicts a future shortage of curling stones. Then there is the sexist rubbish (here) which I'm sure makes someone laugh - except of course if you've heard it all before.

I usually just ignore most of it, but at the bottom of the pit is the likes of the David Letterman Late Show's supposedly funny piece, see here. This programme has one of the biggest TV audiences in the USA. They do say that any publicity for the sport is good publicity. I'm not so sure in this case. Allow me to say something directly to Letterman and his writers. You are a bunch of ignorant *******! There, I feel better getting that off my chest.

Photo of Logan is by Bob.