Friday, February 05, 2010

Heads up for the English Championships

The English curling championships are underway at Greenacres. Why are the English premier events being held in Scotland, rather than at Fenton's rink in Kent? I am assured that this is a long - and somewhat contentious - story, and not one that I want to tackle here!

Anyway, there are four teams in the men's event. Jamie Malton is defending champion. Then there is Alan MacDougall (former World Junior Champ for Scotland), making his first appearance in many years with the rump of Andy Reed's former English champions; Bruce Bowyer (also a former champion) this year with a new team, and of course my old friend John Brown with a 'more mature' team! It's a double round robin to find the winner.

In the English women's championship, defending champion Kirtsty Balfour is back but with a slightly changed team with Lorna Rettig skipping. Good to see Lorna on the ice again. Their opposition is Fiona Hawker's team which includes two products of the Kent youth curling initiatives for the first time. Susan Young's team of Kent based curlers are the third team.

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